What's in this data?
The data set consists of almost 300 keywords & geography combinations. The keywords are non-branded (so no "Amazon Jobs" here) and were chosen based on high search volumes. The 5 geographies were chosen to represent 5 different population densities.

How often is it updated?
Every couple of days or so we'll update the data. We try to run it as often as possible.

Can I get a version of this with the kewyords that are most important to me?
Yes you can! Contact us and let's talk about setting up a version of this that reflects your business objectives. Contact Us

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Current Buttons/Posting


Date: 2024-02-16

Buttons per Posting - Trended

This trends out how many buttons Google is including in each Job Listing on a given day for the data we have.

Percentage of Direct Employer vs Aggregator vs ATS Links Over Time (Last 7 Days)

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Percentage of Jobs by Number of Buttons

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By Publisher: Total Share of Voice (Last 7 Available Dates)

This measures the percentage of buttons in the Job Detail view that had a specific button text. This should correspond to a publisher. Note that some publishers will have separate line items for their name and "Apply directly on" versions of their buttons. For example "Indeed" and "Apply directly on Indeed" are both the same publisher. Future versions will combine these. These percentages are in aggregate across all collected keywords and geographies.

Button Text 2024-02-162024-01-052023-12-102023-12-042023-12-012023-11-262023-11-20
1. LinkedIn6.15%6.57%7.24%7.46%7.3%6.97%7.24%
2. ZipRecruiter4.92%5.4%5.38%5.7%5.39%5.34%5.02%
3. Talent.com4.11%4.36%4.18%3.9%3.89%3.74%3.39%
4. SimplyHired4.08%4.46%4.65%4.72%4.53%3.96%4.12%
5. Salary.com3.54%4.56%5.04%5.17%4.96%5.04%4.95%
6. Indeed3.13%3.42%4%3.99%3.68%3.79%3.92%
7. Apply directly on Indeed3.03%2.94%2.96%3.17%2.98%3.11%3.28%
8. Glassdoor2.15%2.13%1.71%1.3%1.34%2.01%2.09%
9. BeBee2.01%3.15%4.07%3.8%4.24%4.63%4.34%
10. Learn4Good1.96%1.85%1.43%1.87%2.68%2.28%2.44%
11. Jooble1.78%1.02%1.67%1.53%1.31%1.28%1.23%
12. Jobilize1.65%2.06%2.36%2.12%1.92%2.22%2.02%
13. Apply directly on Glassdoor1.53%1.75%1.55%1.16%1.28%1.87%1.85%
14. CareerBuilder0.76%0.92%1.08%1.12%1.3%1.39%1.72%
15. Trabajo.org0%1.56%2.24%2.79%2.91%2.68%2.34%